Johno and Mashama have finally found the time to bring their second offering to their adopted city of Savannah. The Grey Market combines their love for New York City bodegas, the true lifeblood of any New Yorker, with the history and convenience of the Southern lunch counter. 


Some of Our Favorites —


Rotisserie Chicken

Available everyday after 4pm and noon on the weekend. Stop on your way home to grab a hot one.


Restorative Bowl

Need a pick me up? This bowl of oats & seasonal fruit will put you back on track.



Sizzlin Smoky Pig

An ode to one of Mashama’s original dishes at The Grey. Smoked pig, house-made pepper jelly and a fried egg.


Lox Bagel Sandwich

A New York City classic. House cured salmon, pickled red onion and a schmear of cream cheese.


Word Around Town —

Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of Fall 2018
— Eater
At The Grey Market they plan to make everyone feel welcome
— Garden & Gun