Johno Morisano and Mashama Bailey opened The Grey in 2014 and immediately landed themselves and Savannah on the national food map receiving a number of accolades that include, among a long list of others, a James Beard semi-finalist nod as Best New Restaurant in America,’s Restaurant of the Year for 2017/18 and Time Magazine’s Top 100 Places in the World in 2018. Mashama received her first James Beard nomination as Best Chef – Southeast in 2018. 

With The Grey as their foundation and New York City as their heritage, Johno and Mashama have finally found the time to bring their second offering to their adopted city of Savannah. The Grey Market combines their love for New York City bodegas, the true lifeblood of any New Yorker, with the history and convenience of the Southern lunch counter. Tapping into much of what she learned in creating the menu at The Grey, Mashama is making food that will fill your belly and your soul. With convenience, quality and honesty as the driving forces behind The Grey Market, you are sure to leave satisfied and supplied.

  • Need that bacon, egg and cheese on a roll at four o’clock in the afternoon? You got it.

  • Just noticed you forgot your toothbrush?  We’ve got your back.

  • Rotisserie chicken for dinner? Easy peasy.

  • Picnic basket for a day at the beach? Yup, got that too.

  • Romantic evening? – House-made baguette, hunk of stinky cheese and a bottle of red should do the trick. 

So, grab a seat at our lunch counter where everyone is welcome, pick up some deliciousness to go, or grab those things you need to live your life well.

We are here for you Savannah.

Come on by.



“We’re not trying to give people a history lesson, we’re trying to give them a fun, energetic and nourishing experience. But folks who understand the history of the South and the relationship of Mashama and me will get it in one.”
— Johno Morisano